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Ayurvedic Consultations
In addition to taking an individual and family health history, as well as observing and questioning the patient, an Ayurvedic practitioner may also conduct a physyical exam, using touch and listening to heart, lung and bowel sounds.


Traditional Ayurvedic diagnosis also includes face reading, iridology tongue diangnosis and pulse analysis. Multiple sources of information form a composite picture of the patient's orgiginal constutition, which repesents their baseline state of health and their imbalance, the correctio of which is the aim of treatment.  


The Ayurvedic practitioner looks for rot causes of the patient's symptoms, which guide the treatment regimen and the long-term healing trajectory.


“Dr. Rioux is our family doctor.  

Her expertise as an Ayurvedic clinician and researcher, is coupled with a compassionate and practical approach to helping clients make sustainable changes.

She brainstorms and negotiates lifestyle recommendations that empower and increase self-efficacy. Dr. Rioux created individualized diet and activity plans for my family and provided herbal regimens that improved mood and energy, restored immunity and made our daily lives more enjoyable.”

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy


Ayurveda provides the medical context for a comprehensive application of yoga therapy. 


Poses, breathing techniques and meditation practices enhance or counteract certain qualities in the body and mind to promote optimal physiological and psychological function and quality of life.


Recommendations may include: yoga postures , breathing methods, meditation and relaxation techniques, Sacred chanting, sacred hand gestures, chakra and energy work

Personalized Handcrafted Herbal Formulas
I personally handcraft personalized herbal formulations and medicinal essential oil blends that are tailored to your constitution/imbalance profile.
These one-of-a-kind remedies cannot be replicated elsewhere and are not available commercially. I recite traditional mantra as I formulate and create your remedies and I utilize specific tolls and techniques not available in large clinics or factory settings.  
I use organic and wildcrafted herbs and unadulterated raw materials from high-quality reliable sources.

Colleen, 48, New Mexico

"My experience with Dr. Rioux has been awesome. She listens deeply, compassionately, and without judgement. I appreciate her openness in integrating other modalities into her treatment recommendations with me. I am continually impressed with her knowledge, and the guidance and remedies provided  have helped my health tremendously. I am feeling more and more like my true self!"

Sarah, 51, New Mexico, Mother of two

I can highly recommend Jennifer Rioux as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist.  I have found Jennifer to be highly knowledgeable in both ayurveda and yoga therapy.  Jennifer was able to help me see my body, mind and spirit in a new way beginning from the first time I worked with her.  She is intuitive and practical at the same time in her work.  She is organized and present at every session.  Jennifer is also very loving and kind in her coaching methods.  She helped to motivate me in a way that I felt supported to tackle my biggest health challenges. 

Amy, 42, Washington State

For well over a year I had been suffering from a systemic, inflammatory condition of unknown origin. “Idiopathic” as it’s called in traditional Western medicine. 


Of course I saw my GP after its sudden onset;  he ordered a variety of blood tests over a period of eight months and in the course of trying to solve the mystery, we spoke with a rheumatologist who had nothing to offer. He then recommended and I saw other specialists—immunologist, hematologist and orthopedist. Ultimately they were all baffled saying things like, “”This is mysterious” or “You have edema” —a fancy word for inflammation which was already obvious to me.


About five months ago, through a recommendation from my chiropractor, I saw Dr. Rioux for an initial consultation, and thereafter, we’ve had a few followups.  I’ve been following her Ayurvedic recommendations, including her custom mixed, herbal constitutional and have been feeling noticeably better ever since. While not entirely gone, my symptoms have improved and I believe the future holds good promise for my continued healing.  

Tom, 56, New Mexico 

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Manual Therapies
Shirodhara: Application of continuous warm oil to the forehead)
Marmani: Therapeutic Acupressure with medicinal oils)
Basti: Local Application of Medicinal Oil to body parts: back, chest, eyes...)
Lepa:  Application of medicated pastes to the body for therapeutic purposes
Swedana: Medicated Steam Treatment with high grade medicinal essential oils
Shiro/Pada Abhyan, Application of medicinal oils to head and feet; calms and restores energy at the energetic poles of the body.

You have helped my health so much!

Thank you! 

Monica Randles, M.D.,  Michigan

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